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Accelcia Human Resource Outsourcing Services

The phrase “People are our most important asset” is generally invoked by most entrepreneurs. Sure, but in a competitive labor market, you need to ensure that your current and future employees’ needs and requirements are addressed correctly and quickly, otherwise your assets will be dissatisfied and may even walk out the door.

As businesses grow, our clients constantly expand their teams, within a single location, across locations within a country, or internationally. While doing so, they need to comply with local regulations, address specific employee needs and much more.

Accelcia Human Resource Outsourcing Services are designed to handle from simple to quite complex human resources management issues for small and mature organizations. While our client management focuses on deploying the right talent at their businesses, our human resource outsourcing services will help the company:
  • Create robust HRMS policies and administration, including comprehensive policy manuals
  • Set up 401K plans
  • Source the best insurance policies
  • Define sensible performance metrics and create tracking systems for them

Tailor Made Human Resource Outsourcing Services

Our services are customized to the needs of your business and its evolution stage. You can choose to include any or all of the human resource outsourcing services we offer.
A list of our currently available human resource outsourcing services includes:
  • Accelcia HRMS: A self-service Human Resource information management system.
  • Accelcia HR Compliance: Compliance checklists to aid tracking in a single repository.
  • Accelcia HR Policies: Establishment and monitoring of Human Resource policies suited to the organization’s specific needs.
  • Accelcia HR Staff: Experienced staff with knowledge of all key issues at each stage of a company’s evolution (legal, statutory, compliance).
  • Accelcia HR Administration: Data entry and record keeping for all key Human Resource processes (hiring, changes, terminations, etc.)
  • Accelcia Performance Management: Definition, implementation and execution of company-wide performance management processes (reviews, compensation, etc.)
  • Accelcia Benefits: Enrollment and ongoing benefits management programs.
  • Accelcia HR Hotline: Rapid response to most common Human Resource issues delivered through phone or email and tailored to each organization’s need.

Benefits of Choosing Accelcia's Human Resource Outsourcing Services

  • Reliability and Experience: Skilled management and staff have been in your shoes many times. So we know what you need and when.
  • Quality with Affordability: Get repeatable and predictable processes without having to break the bank!
  • Specialization: We offer you a single point of contact for all your HRM needs.
  • Economy: We help you save with our cost-optimized delivery approaches and service.
  • Freedom: We manage your back office while you focus on your products, services and customers.

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Human Resource Outsourcing services

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